Setting Our Sights on Things to Come

Heartbeat International Conference 2017. 1200 pregnancy center staff, speakers, advocates, and volunteers flood into the Hyatt Recency conference center in Chicago, IL. Among them is our small group of staff and volunteers from PIC!

Each year, Heartbeat holds an annual conference and invites partners from all over the world to experience fellowship and training in one place. This year, they offered a total of 90 workshops organized in 15 distinct tracks. Two tracks (Medical Advancement and Ultrasound Advancement) were tailored specifically for nurses and medical professionals in the pregnancy help community.


This year, we had the pleasure of attending over 30 hours of classes as a group! We covered topics such as sex trafficking, reaching abortion-minded clients, new ways to expand our services, abortion procedures, and leadership! Each one of us walked away feeling better equipped to serve where God has called within our ministry!

“I Loved being in the presence of like-minded individuals, that serve because we love God. As you look you see we are "one body" serving the crisis pregnancy clients in various ways with passion and hope. Our time there simply made me so very grateful that God found and granted me the privilege to journey with these individuals.” - Judy