"Oasis State": Illinois & The Battle For Life

Two years ago in March (on my birthday), God placed a call on my life to become the Executive Director at PIC. Not a role I anticipated, definitely not the plans I had for this season in my life, but I know that when God calls you have no other choice but to listen, trust and obey. After serving on the PIC Board of Directors for 7 years, I had already developed a deep love for this organization and an even deeper passion for the purpose it exists; to save unborn lives from preventable death. What I didn’t see coming was what God wanted to reveal to me while I was praying about applying for the position.

During that time, my eyes and my ears seemed to take on a whole new level of alertness and awareness for what was happening in the pro-life arena and in our community. As God sent me into the land to meet with him, what I saw was the promises it held. I was encouraged to see God fighting the battle before us using great warriors in the field that would fight to their death if it meant an unborn child would live. I saw churches in our community that wanted to play a bigger role in ending abortion and just needed to be encouraged and equipped. I also saw the priceless smiles on client’s faces when they saw their baby’s heartbeat for the first time or received diapers and formula from PIC when they couldn't afford them. But I also saw the 500+ woman in our community who every month flock to an organization that uses a sharp blade or a little pill to kill both their child and their spirit in one short visit. All around me I saw broken families, broken communities, broken hope, and broken hearts…and it broke mine.

“But God…” These are my favorite two words in Scripture. A reminder of man’s inability to sustain righteousness and God’s grace and mercy that comes to our rescue. I’ll confess, as I “surveyed the land” the responsibility and burden of leading a life-saving organization in Illinois overwhelmed me. Uh uh, no way! I fought with God (does anyone ever win that battle) and told him I was not his girl….but God, who in his grace and mercy gently reminded me that I have all the tools I need: Himself and His Church.

Friends, what weapon formed against that combination can prosper?! God has a vision that he wants to accomplish by using you and me. This is not just a vision for PIC to have more church support or create more programs. Those are great, but simply a means to the end. This vision is for thousands of lives to be saved in the womb, for thousands of our community families to connect to the local church, and for thousands of people to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord in their own lives. The vision God laid on my heart two years ago was very clear: show the world who He is while we work simultaneously to end abortion in our area, in Illinois, in the nation, and in the world. 

We know God’s Will is unstoppable. Right now the pro-life pendulum is swinging in our direction. We have an incredible opportunity to engage people in our community and help them choose life and choose Christ. Let’s seize the opportunity together. Let’s refuse to be known as the abortion “Oasis State”! Let’s take back our land and let God make us a great nation again.


Michelle Gerken

Executive Director, & PIC Staff