Heartbeat at 18 Weeks

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The small display of the pregnancy test began the journey Adrianna would navigate for the next 9 months. Still in High School, she faced a set of challenges that many mothers never do, but from the beginning she was determined to keep her baby.

“I knew it would be difficult, and it still is. I’m 6 months pregnant now and I have to balance school, family, and pregnancy every day.” 

Her boyfriend Joel purchased a pregnancy test, and after finding out what they had feared, Adrianna says that he told her not to worry. “He said that he would support me through it all, and I believed him, because he has been there for me through a lot already.”

Later on, she told her mom the news. “She wasn’t quite happy, but she got through that and helped me that week to sign up for classes at PIC. She got me prepared for what the journey was going to be like.” 

Ultrasound of Adrianna’s baby, taken at 18 weeks. Visible on the left is the baby’s head, abdomen, and heart. On the right, the baby’s heartbeat is clearly visible.

Ultrasound of Adrianna’s baby, taken at 18 weeks. Visible on the left is the baby’s head, abdomen, and heart. On the right, the baby’s heartbeat is clearly visible.

Not everyone was so supportive. After finding out she was pregnant, one of Adrianna’s sisters recommended abortion. “She was putting those thoughts in my head, but I didn’t want that for this child. This child deserves to experience life.” 

When Joel’s parents found out, they also suggested abortion as a way out, but together Adrianna and Joel were determined to choose life. Through those challenges, one of Adrianna’s favorite moments so far was seeing her baby via ultrasound for the first time.

“I had been feeling flutters in my stomach, but I wanted to know for sure that what I was feeling was my baby. When I saw my baby on-screen at PIC, I was amazed and happy because I saw my living healthy baby, I saw its heartbeat, and it was thrilling.”  

Adrianna says that coming to PIC played a big part in helping her to feel confident about her choice. “I don’t know what I would do if I had not taken these classes. I feel more prepared because I got a lot of information I didn’t have before. It was thrilling to explore how babies grow, to see the stages and experience them with my child.”   

Besides education, Adrianna also received material assistance like a baby basket filled with clothes, necessities, and diapers. After completing a carseat safety class, she also received a brand new carseat thanks to one of PIC’s partnering churches; Wheaton Christian Center. She says that the programs and materials from PIC were very helpful for her, especially since she isn’t old enough to receive typical assistance.  

Though Adrianna feels more prepared than ever, there are still some obstacles she and Joel are figuring out, the biggest of which is childcare. Since Adrianna still has time left in high school, and her family members work, her only option is to find childcare. Good care is both expensive, and limited, but Adrianna is determined to finish high school.

Together, she and Joel have saved enough to pay for several months of service, but are still in search of a better long-term solution. 

At PIC, we are inspired by Adrianna and Joel’s story. Though they have faced many challenges already and will face more, they are not alone. Their decision to choose LIFE is the reason that our ministry exists, and stories like theirs provide hope in a world torn by choice. Let’s pray for this couple as they continue on their journey!

Adrianna is due this April, and we are so excited to welcome her, and her new baby girl back at PIC as she continues to stand up for what she believes!