Give LIFE this Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you are enjoying the new PIC LIFE issue! This “magazine style” format is designed for you to proudly display on your coffee table or share with a friend. It is a great way to stay up-to-date on the incredible things God is doing through our Pro-Life efforts. We hope that through these articles you are informed and encouraged about your partnership with PIC and that your passion for protecting life in the womb deepens as we fight for life together.   

Doesn’t it seem like the department stores are creeping further and further into Fall as they jockey for our attention during the Christmas season? Displaying all the beautiful decorations, picking out the perfect gifts, and eating the delicious food are all wonderful additions to the Christmas celebration, but what about after December 25th? That gadget dad received is shoved into a drawer, all the decorations go back into storage, and we all start thinking about how we can lose a few pounds! 

But what if the gift you gave continued to flourish into 2017 and beyond? What if this year you chose to give a gift that literally gives life to a child who hasn't even been born yet? Or a mom discovers that you are there to support her decision to choose life for her baby during a difficult time? 

With your support, we have provided our free, life-saving services to more than 200 women this year! On a weekly base we are averaging 25 women in our parenting classes and through your prayers and support, more than 50 babies were given a chance to live!

Would you consider adding PIC to your Christmas wish-list this year? As you can see, we have fallen behind on our financial support. Although we are confident that together we can finish the year strong, it will take all of us. Can you think of anything better than saving the life of a child in the womb? How about knowing that your financial support made it happen? Your gift of any amount will help us meet our budget needs. 

At PIC, you and I have been given a wonderful opportunity to support an organization that promotes life and introduces people to The Messiah, not just during Christmas, but throughout the whole year! Thank you for being part of the PIC community and standing with us in our fight for life.

Merry Christmas, 



Michelle Gerken

Executive Director, & PIC Staff