Singing The Blues, Staying Engaged, & Giving Thanks

Currently, hundreds of children are dying every month at Planned Parenthood here in Aurora. Nationally, that number rockets into the tens of thousands. Globally, researchers conservatively estimate at least 50 million babies are dying every year from abortions. Behind these numbers are the real faces of babies, moms, families, and unspoken heartache. 

Then there are the legal issues. Pending legislations right now in Illinois could direct much more public funding to support abortion and could add challenges for the work of life-giving organizations such as PIC. 

So, what on earth are we going to do?
Here are three pastoral suggestions: 

First, we need to learn to sing the blues. My friend Dr. Vincent Bacote (author of The Political Disciple) taught me this metaphor, and I find it so helpful. Great blues musicians feel the pain. Their songs cry out, “This breaks my heart!” And it’s not empty words: if someone is really singing the blues, you know their soul is 100% engaged!

In a similar way, Scripture teaches disciples to cry out (from the bottom of your soul) about the brokenness of this fallen world. “How long, Lord?” is a Biblical prayer (Psalm 13:1). So is this: “Help, Lord!” (Psalm 12:1). “Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless” (Psalm 10:12). That’s how you sing the blues, right?

With so many serious needs, what are we going to do? Let’s cry out to the one who is committed to “defending the fatherless and the oppressed” (Psalm 10:17). 

But second beyond singing the blues in prayer, we also need to stay engaged in action. With the political challenges, as well as with the real faces, we want to pray, and then back up our prayers with faithful actions. 

If you’re reading this, I know that you already care about the women, families, and children that PIC is serving. But as important as it is to get involved, it’s just as important to stay involved. Call your state representatives. Tell your friends at church about how God ministered to a client last week. Recruit friends to join you in praying. Let’s give and volunteer, and then stick with it, to continue protecting and investing in these precious lives. 

Finally, let’s give thanks to God. PIC is something more than a medical clinic. It’s a ministry. In all their work, they are constantly showing the love of Christ and spreading the hope of the gospel. And by God’s grace, much good has been happening. As we consider the wonderful answers to prayer through 40 Days For Life, and the wonderful answers to prayer that we’ve seen in PIC’s ministry this past year, and the new doors that God seems to be opening, let’s return to God with praise. “This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23).

Josh Fenska Is the lead pastor at Redeemer Community Church in Aurora. He and his wife Katie have 4 young children.

He’s on Twitter at @joshfenska