On The Horizon: What's next for Pro-Life?



Is a bill passed by Illinois congress and signed into law by Governor Rauner on July 29th of this year.  The bill mandates that all “health care facilities” within the state will be required to present abortion as a “legal treatment option” to their patients. If a patient requests abortion, a provider will be required to refer the patient to a facility that performs abortions, transfer the patient to a facility that performs abortions, or provide the patient with a list of other health care providers who perform abortions. 

Several Pregnancy Clinics in Illinois have filed a lawsuit against the Governor. The bill is scheduled to take effect on January 1st of 2017, so we are praying that the courts grant an injunction, which would push the starting date back until the courts can decide it’s legality. We ask that you pray for favor in the courts. 



Is a bill introduced by State Representative Sara Feignholtz that will reverse the current law that prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion under medicaid. In 1977 before the protective bill was passed, over 12,700 abortions were paid for under Public Aid’s Medicaid program using taxpayer dollars. The bill will also remove the requirement for a physician’s statement stating that the abortion was required to save the life of the mother. 

We ask that you contact your state representative and ask them to vote against this bill. 

40 Days For Life Campaign Results:

367 Locations

105,000 Participants

24 Countries

4,700 Churches

872 Lives Saved From Abortion

8 Abortion Workers Quit