Finding Hope After Hardship

On the table before us is a copy of the ultrasound photo Andrea received from Planned Parenthood. It’s been two years since her abortion, and now she’s gathered the courage to walk in and request a copy.

Andrea made two visits to Planned Parenthood during pregnancy. The first time, she ended up leaving during her appointment. “I couldn’t do it. I started crying, and my mom asked me if I wanted to leave. I told her I did, and we got out of there.” 

She spoke with a sidewalk counselor on the street out front. The man gave her some flyers about pregnancy help in the area. “I left there feeling good, like I had hope.” 
However two weeks later, she was back. All of her fearful thoughts had returned. “I was ignoring the fact that I was pregnant in my mind. I just wanted to get rid of a problem.” This time, there wasn’t anyone outside to give hope and she went through with her abortion. 

“After the abortion, I just felt like the whole world was moving, and I was just in my head. I cried a lot.”  

Andrea has always been a good student, but found herself struggling in school. Even being in a classroom was difficult. “Part of it was me just trying to hide it. I was afraid of what people would say, or what people would think of me.” In the midst of these feelings, Andrea sought out the help of her school’s social worker. “She told me about PIC, and we called and made an appointment together.” 

That’s where Andrea found others who shared a similar story, and she knew she was not alone. 


“When I heard all of the other stories, I was there with them. I knew what they were feeling. I was hurting, but other people were too, and I knew that I wasn’t alone.”


During her classes, Andrea met one of our volunteers, Judy. Together, they spent time processing Andrea’s experience. While going through our post-abortion curriculum, and throughout group conversations, Andrea tells me that her feelings about her abortion began to change.  “I realized that it was my baby, it wasn’t just a problem... I also learned that there is forgiveness.”

“I encountered God, and it was this amazing feeling inside of me... I realized that I wasn’t alone, and that God was with me. I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.”

At PIC, we know that the Hope Christ brings is the only way to truly heal. Watching Andrea experience this for herself has been an exciting journey for all of us. Even though her heart has been changed by forgiveness, going through this has still been incredibly difficult for Andrea. 

Even after two years, her emotions are still raw. It’s clear to anyone meeting her that the change in her life has been significant. .

“I want to share this, because I don’t want others to have to go through my experience. Abortion is not the way out... I felt so alone when I went through that... I wish I knew then what I do now. ”

Andrea slides the ultrasound back towards herself, and tells us that she decided to name her baby  “Hope.”