An Introduction to PICLIFE

As Christians, we walk down a path where pain surrounds us.  Following Christ isn’t easy, isn’t pretty, and isn’t quiet. Sometimes, we find ourselves caught up in our life, jobs, families, or church, and we begin to experience frustration because we see this need before us, yet feel unable to meet it. We want to do more. We want to serve, but when it comes down to it, a million things get in the way. 

Sometimes, we resign ourselves to failure before we even begin. The things that ignite our hearts never make it past our brains. The things that awake the deepest passions within us just don’t escape the roadblocks.  

At pic, we struggle  with those same feelings. We face  a need that is so much bigger than ourselves. We fight for life as the world fights to end it. The hope of our savior is already within our hearts, so we ache as we see women struggling through desperation and fear. We know that christ is the solution, but merely knowing is not enough.

We want this passion to burn within those who also claim the name of Jesus. Our hope is that by sharing what God Is doing here at PIC, you will be encouraged, and inspired to join us in bringing real life to our community. 

We’re calling this PICLIFE, and we’ll be sending one out every few months! Our hope is that the stories, information, and resources within will inspire and encourage you as we fight for LIFE together. 

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Evan Wise is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at PIC. He is recently married, and finds writing this information about himself to be quite embarrassing.