Dear Pastor,

My name is Michelle Gerken. I’m the Executive Director of Pregnancy Information Center. We serve woman and men in crisis pregnancy, who often times are contemplating abortion. We have been serving our community for more than 30 years and have seen many lives saved, in the womb and for eternity through our program. We are THE ONLY center of our kind in the Aurora area, and in ALL of Kendall County. Our approach to helping families in need stands firmly on our belief that if we are going to truly impact our community, we must introduce our clients to the Church. We fully understand that our services can only go so far to help those in need. We help these families from the time they are pregnant, until their child is around 1 year old. But what about after that?

YOU are “after that”. We rely heavily on the relationships we have with churches in our community who are like-minded and have a desire to see people walk with Christ.

Let me put this into context for you. The 3rd largest Planned Parenthood is just 5 miles from our clinic in Aurora. Approximately eight HUNDRED abortions happen EVERY MONTH in our own back yard. It’s staggering to think that much death happens in our community routinely! I’m sure you agree…it must stop! However, we have a problem and I need your help Pastor.

If a potentially abortion minded girl is seeking guidance, a battered woman is being pressured to end the life of her unborn child, a mom wants to keep her baby and doesn’t know what resources are available to her, or a girl thinks she might be pregnant, doesn’t have insurance, and doesn’t know what her “choices” are, where do they go for answers? Most of our clients find us by searching on the internet, asking a friend, or are just look for free services where they can get some help. But what-if PIC didn’t exist? What-if, you were not there to help? What-if, WE were not the alternative choice for them to go to instead of places that would promote death?

“Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” – Mark 10:14

Before we bring the children unto Jesus we must first insure their safe arrival. Every pastor and every church that claims to be followers of Jesus Christ must seriously consider their responsibility in supporting the Pregnancy Information Center. Please partner with this vital ministry as it serves on the front lines of caring for the least of these.
-Pastor Scott Poling, Senior Pastor
Harvest New Beginnings

In 2015, we provided over 3,000 individual services to our clients. This year alone, through our education program and Bible studies, 27 clients have placed their faith in Christ! Many families now attend church regularly because we have great partners who believe and support our mission. Pregnancy Information Center needs the support of the local church to continue to be the alternative to choices regarding life and death. Between Kendall County and the Auroraland area, there are hundreds of churches! Sadly, we only have 25 churches that support this ministry in some way. Worse yet, only 18 support us financially.

We feel God has laid a plan before us to expand our services to offer our clients the medical attention they need to have a healthy pregnancy. One of these ways we are expanding is through an incredible breakthrough in the medical field. It’s called Abortion Pill Reversal. Can you imagine being able to offer a woman who may have reluctantly attempted to abort her baby an opportunity to CHANGE HER MIND?! RU486 is an abortion pill commonly used to induce an abortion before 12 weeks of pregnancy. PIC will become a safe location where moms who regret their decision to abort can seek our medical attention to REVERSE the effects of RU486 and save their baby’s life (65% save rate with no side effects)!

The plans to expand our services in this and other areas will require more partnerships. We know that there are churches like yours in our area that love life and want to protect the unborn. It’s time to aggressively fight the evil that is out there and win back the lives that are in danger. We are ready to take a bold step against the culture and flip our community up-side-down! We are the alternative!

I’m sure you want to be part of this initiative. I look forward to sharing more about this amazing opportunity with you in person. Would you please set some time aside to allow me to introduce you to our ministry and the LIFE-SAVING work we do here at PIC? Let’s make history together. Let’s radically change the world around us as we save lives for eternity.


For Life,


Executive Director, Pregnancy Information Center


In December of 2015, PIC was approached by three pastors who wanted to make a difference. They were saddened by the number of churches in the community who were not yet a part of our mission. They were convinced something needed to be done. Three pastors grew quickly to six, who are are equipping churches to bring awareness to our mission.