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Change for Life Campaign

Happy New Year!
January is a time to take pause, celebrate, and promote life!

In observance of National Sanctity of Human Life Day –Tuesday, January 22 – PIC will launch its annual Change for Life campaign.  The Change for Life or baby bottle campaign as it is affectionately known is PIC’s contribution toward raising awareness and enlisting new champions for the fight for life.

If you or your church are able to contribute to the 2019 Change for Life campaign, here are a few things to know to help with organizing:

  • The 2019 Change for Life Campaign is Jan. 22 - March 22

  • Baby bottles or Changelopes can be delivered to you or picked up from PIC

  • To help ministries and individual members of your church personally connect with the campaign:

  • PIC staff would be glad to speak at your church or ministry group

  • Groups are welcome to visit PIC for a Prayer Tour

  • A volunteer project can be arranged for those interested in an alternate way to contribute

  • Bulletin inserts or other materials can be provided 


Thank You
for so faithfully and generously supporting PIC.  Our life-saving work is only possible through your partnership.



Resource Library

All volunteers are invited to stop by the resource library recently set up at PIC. There are a variety of books, videos and other materials to support your work with clients, keep you abreast of movement news, and help us all think about ways to continually grow and improve what we do. No appointment necessary!


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Have an old car that costs more to fix than you can sell it for?  Is that classic car you’ve been working to restore still taking up room in your garage…after how many years?  PIC would be glad to take it off your hands! 

Donate a Car, Save a Life