Here are a few ways to direct your donation and impact PIC’s ministry:


Education Program - $15 a month
Medical Services - $25 a month
Outreach & Marketing - $35 a month
411 W Galena Blvd - $727.50 quarterly (church ministry)
Professional Expertise - $1,215 quarterly (church ministry)


When you make a donation to PIC, we are able to perform pregnancy tests and provide a firm “Yes” or “No” to anxious young women and men in need of an answer.  Your contributions allow us to conduct ultrasounds to determine whether a pregnancy is viable and give expectant parents a chance to see the miracle of life as it begins.  Gifts we receive from you make PIC’s Education Center possible. Week after week, clients come for parenting classes, which presents an opportunity – every time they re-enter our doors – to share the compassion of Christ.

Whether you give $100 or $1,000 it’s ideal for PIC to receive your contribution on a sustained basis, such as monthly, every other month or quarterly.  You might wonder, “Why would you want $25 every four months instead of $100 at one time?” A smaller contribution is better when it is recurring – when we can count on it – and when most supports donate in this way.   An investment of $25 a month from 10 PIC supporters is not just $250 a month it’s $3,000 a year! For 100 supporters that do the same, it’s $30,000 a year!

As you may know, PIC does not qualify for state or federal grants – because of the faith-based values by which we operate – so 100% of our funding comes from individuals, churches and a small number of businesses.  Together we are changing hearts & minds for life!

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93% of PIC abortion-vulnerable clients chose life for their baby.

Every. Dollar. Counts.

Help us save lives.

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