Welcome to PIC’s partner site. We hope you find useful information, here, about who we are, what we do, and the many ways to support our life-saving work.

What’s Happening at PIC

Year End Appeal.jpg

Thank you for being part of PIC’s ministry, another year! 2018 has been a time of transition: with changes in leadership and staff and in practices and processes. We’ve faced challenges that have pushed us to do more with less and pursue new strategies. Putting faith into action, we’ve seen successes too.


Success in 2018

Clients who choose LIFE

Expectant moms & dads who have taken parenting classes

Increase in number of clients served

Babies Born

As 2018 draws to a close, please consider a final gift to ensure PIC keeps its doors open to reach the hearts & minds of those most in need – those who believe that abortion is the best or only option.  It only takes 1 to reach 1 to save 1.


NEW Resource Library

All volunteers are invited to stop by the resource library recently set up at PIC. There are a variety of books, videos and other materials to support your work with clients, keep you abreast of movement news, and help us all think about ways to continually grow and improve what we do. No appointment necessary!



Have an old car that costs more to fix than you can sell it for?  Is that classic car you’ve been working to restore still taking up room in your garage…after how many years?  PIC would be glad to take it off your hands! 

Donate a Car, Save a Life